Hi everyone!

I am Leighanne, and alongside my Mum, Lynne, we are The Inside Scoop, based in Nairn. We started off as a little ice cream and sandwich shop on March 17th 2014, and to fill our vast counter, we baked a wee tray of cupcakes, and popped a cheesecake in our half empty juice chiller! We have always loved baking and cooking in our family, but we were pleasantly surprised by the fact that OTHER PEOPLE seemed to love it too! To say we were chuffed would be a huge understatement!

Since then we have expanded our range, and offer a range of cupcakes, traybakes, cheesecakes and desserts, alongised our fresh takeaway lunches. We are always shaking things up and adding new bakes and makes to the menus!

Our style of baking is very homely, and focuses on great flavours, pleasant textures, and enjoyable eating.  We only offer buttercream celebration cakes, as neither of us are partial to fondant icing, nor do we have the inclination to learn it’s many intricacies, but this does not limit our level of creativity!  We are also lucky enough to be in an area where we are surrounded by other fantastic bakers, many of whom do specialise in fondant cakes, and I will be talking about, and sharing some of these lovely bakers as the blog progresses, as well as some of our own recipes and inspirations.

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with a few pictures of some of our recent bakes!

DSC_3434 DSC_3423 63721_300728433456829_5118956209424614402_n

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